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Cite it Right! A Guide to Thesis Preparation: Welcome

A guide to dissertation preparation for the Einstein Graduate Programs in the Biomedical Sciences


Welcome to the Cite it Right! A Guide to Thesis Preparation. This Guide includes tools to help you through the processes of preparing for and writing your dissertation.

Retraction Watch

Attention, authors! Be very careful about the articles you cite. 

In her article "Despite Warnings, Biomedical Scholars Cite Hundreds of Retracted Papers" in the April 10, 2011, issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education, Jennifer Howard described a study demonstrating that scholars continue to cite articles after they have been retracted due to scientific misconduct.

In his article "Misconduct accounts for the majority of retracted scientific publications" in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (available online October 1, 2012), Einstein faculty member Arturo Casadevall et. al. reviewed 2,042 articles indexed in PubMed as retracted. 

There are several ways to check if a journal article has been retracted:

  • PubMed will indicate if an article has been retracted. Read the National Library of Medicine's policy for MEDLINE.
  • Retraction Watch by Adam Marcus and Ivan Oransky is a blog that monitors retracted scientific articles and post news about ethical writing.
  • Many publishers indicated retracted material in a journal's table of contents and with an electronic watermark on each page of a retracted article.

News from Retraction Watch

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How Journalism Works Behind The Scenes

Medical journalist Ivan Oransky has created Embargo Watch to "keep an eye on how scientific information embargoes affect news coverage."

Here readers will find the latest details on how famous journals like Nature, Science, the Lancet, PNAS (and many others) release information to journalists with the expectation that news reports will, at least usually, coincide with the publication of the articles in question.

The blog entries on this site, which tend to be published monthly or as problems with embargoes arise, are insightful, and informative for anyone interested in how journalism works behind the scenes.

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