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Laptops: MacBooks

A guide to the laptops available for loan from the D. Samuel Gottesman Library

MacBook Loan Policy

  1. Borrowers must read and sign the MacBook Loan Agreement before checking out a MacBook.
  2. MacBooks may be borrowed at the Circulation Desk for a period of seven days. One renewal is possible if enough are available, and must be conducted in-person at the Circulation Desk with the MacBook in hand. MacBooks are due back no later than one hour before the library closes. Late fines will accrue at the rate of $25.00 per day or part thereof.
  3. MacBooks must be returned in good working order to a staff member at the Circulation Desk. Upon return Library staff members will verify that all equipment pieces have been returned. Please allow sufficient time to be present for this process.
  4.  Library staff will determine if a MacBook is in good working order or if it has been damaged.
  5.  The borrower must agree to pay all repair/replacement costs resulting from damage or loss (including theft) of the MacBook while it is checked out. Replacement cost shall be the current actual price of a new MacBook similar to the loaned laptop in terms of quality, durability, and performance ($1,272 as of Summer 2015).
  6.  Borrowers must abide by the Yeshiva University guidelines for Computer Use.
  7.  The Library is not responsible for damage to files or removable media caused by viruses that may exist on the network or spread through the network.
  8.  Power supply is to be used with library MacBook ONLY.